Bensinger, DuPont & Associates (BDA) is dedicated to promoting healthy outcomes for the workplace, employees, individuals and their families. BDA provides EAP, Work Life and critical incident stress debriefing services and training to over 6 million covered lives.

BDA has a network of clinical associates that provide assessment, referral and short-term problem resolution services. BDA has a strong working relationship with our clinical associates.

If you are interested in becoming part of BDA’s network, please review the Associate Qualifications and submit the Potential Associate Application. BDA conducts ongoing quality assurance audits and associate clinical satisfaction surveys to ensure all clients receive consistent quality of care.
If you are a current associate, select Associate login.


BDA associate survey results:

Always a pleasure! Simple procedures! Fast reimbursement! (Gainesville, FL)

Great folks to work with. (Lodi, CA)

You are so professional and organized and I really feel the clients get great service as a result. (Arlington Heights, IL)

I enjoy working with your organization. Your staff is professional and cares about the clients. I appreciate this. (Indianapolis, IN)